Brian Lee Draper

Torey and Brian were recent friends. They met at the end of 10th grade in a science class. Someone told Brian about Torey’s movie collection and Brian questioned Torey about it, saying that he didn’t believe that Torey had 150 movies. Torey told him that he did and went home and took a picture of them on his phone and showed it to Brian the next day. That summer, after school got out, Brian came over to Torey’s house unexpectedly one day after work and told Torey that he wanted to start his own movie collection. He took Torey to the store and spent his entire paycheck on movies, which impressed Torey. They hung out four or five more times during the summer, and started hanging out more when school started again.

We have since learned that:

  • Brian had a long fascination with Columbine and idolized the two shooters, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.
  • Brian had planned a school shooting in the eighth grade with two other boys. One of them had talked about the plan to another student, who notified teachers. There was a police investigation and Brian blamed the boy who had talked. That boy was later expelled, but he told the police at that time that Brian was fascinated with Columbine and had violent posters and movies in his room and that Brian was the one whom had instigated the plan. He also stated that he did not believe they were serious. No further action was taken against Brian.
  • Brian did continue to talk about killing other people. He talked about killing specific people all the time and not one of his schoolmates took him seriously. They all thought he was joking.
  • Brian secretly wrote a detailed account called “Black River” of how he and the student who was expelled for planning the school shooting were going to kill specific people at his school. This is a very graphic and detailed account, you can see how Brian has visualized every detail. He writes about how he feels spending time with his mother for the last time and how he feels as he walks into the school. He says “in my mind I thought, I cannot believe I am doing this, Jesus I am scared. I wanted to turn back, but I looked at Josh. When I saw him I erased the doubts from my mind, and kept walking. I knew that Josh was probably thinking the same way too, but the fact that I was there with him, and he was not alone probably helped him. And it did the same for me.” He goes on to describe in gruesome detail what it feels like to kill. He describes the rush, the blood, the smells, and the sounds. He even describes his own death, what he is found wearing, the ammunition he used, how many he killed and how many he wounded. He writes his obituary and comments people make after his death. He completely thought out and planned every detail.
  • The police found the "Black River" story on Brian’s computer during the homicide investigation of Cassie Jo Stoddard. They questioned the co-conspirator in the story and he again stated that he was never serious about a school shooting. He never thought Brian was serious, and he knew nothing of the story. He was surprised to learn that Brian had written such a graphic story, and even more surprised that his name appeared in it as one of the shooters, since he had not spoken with Brian since the eighth grade.
  • Brian has fantasized about killing people for a long time, Brian was determined to kill someone. But he could not do this alone, as evidenced by previous attempts. He knew from experience that he needed to “trick” some one and he learned how to “groom” an accomplice to the crime. He has developed a pattern of manipulation where he uses others as a tool to play out his sick fantasies.
  • On Brian’s myspace account, he says that he is crazy but nobody knows it, that he is really sick in the head. This is so true. He talked openly for years about killing people and no one listened!