over 2200 children are serving life sentences in the U.S.

Torey Michael Adamcik was a happy, well-adjusted 16 year old with no history of violence. Today, Torey is facing a life sentence in an adult prison for a murder he didn't commit.

It could happen to anyone...

Imagine your precious child, who has always been a joy and blessing in your life, who has never been in any trouble, meets someone and in six weeks his whole life is destroyed. Thatís what happened to our son, Torey Adamcik. Read Torey's Story.

Kids in the justice system

The United States is a world leader in convicting children as adults. Unfortunately, once a child is charged as an adult, the likelihood of a fair trial is very small. The media sensationalizes crimes committed by juveniles, and kids are usually convicted in the press before their cases ever reach trial.

About Tried As Adults

Tried As Adults was founded in 2007 to heighten awareness about children, such as Torey Adamcik,in the adult justice system. Read more about what you can do to help Torey and other children like him.